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GlobalFix Pro 406 EPIRB AUS GPS

GlobalFix Pro 406 EPIRB

Automatic (CAT 1)

The next-generation GlobalFix PRO features a professional grade, 16-channel GPS receiver for faster location acquisition - typically 3 to 5 times faster than a conventional GPS from a cold start.

Upon activation, the built-in GPS receiver transmit your position coordinates in a powerful 406 MHz signal along with your registered, digitally-coded distress signal and a 121.5 MHz SAR homing frequency. The 110-yd (100-m) GPS position accuracy is the optimum allowed by Cospas-Sarsat.


The GlobalFix Pro also features a build in LED strobe light, full-function test mode, and GPS acquisition testing. The exclusive polycarbonate blend case is designed for maximum UV, chemical, temperature, and shock resistance.

The Automatic Category I Sea Shelter bracket is fully enclosed and is made of high-density, UV-stabilized polyethylene for years of extreme abuse, while the manual Category II LowPro bracket has a low profile and features a 2-part design for easy mounting and quick removal when needed.

GlobalFix Pro 406 EPIRB

Manual (CAT 2)

ResQLink - Personal Locator Beacons

ResQLink - Personal Locator Beacons

ResQLink 2880


ResQLink+ Buoyant 406 MHz - Personal Locator Beacons

ResQLink+ Buoyant 406MHz 2881


ResQLink™: The ultimate survival gear for boaters, outdoorsmen and pilots

The ResQLink™ broadcasts a unique registered distress signal with a GPS fix on your position. A powerful 406 MHz signal relays your information to search and rescue satellites. Search and rescue teams use a separate homing signal emitted from your beacon to reach your location.

In an emergency, the ACR ResQLink™ is essential survival gear for boaters, outdoorsmen and pilots.

Now smaller, lighter and more affordable than ever, ACR’s GPS-enabled ResQLink™ uses proven technology that has helped save over 30,000 lives since 1982. With three levels of integrated signal technology – GPS positioning, a powerful 406 MHz signal and 121.5 MHz homing capability – the ResQLink™ quickly and accurately relays your location to a worldwide search and rescue satellite system, typically within five minutes. ResQLink™ guides rescuers to within 100 meters or less of your position. Take along the ACR ResQLink™ on your next adventure. In a crisis situation, it’s your best last chance.

• Easy activation: simply deploy antenna and press ON button
• Two handy self-test options for internal electronics and GPS functionality
• Fits easily on lifevest, backpack or flight suit

Pathfinder™ PRO SART 2914

ACR Pathfinder PRO SART

The Pathfinder Pro is a fully approved Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) that complies with IMO SOLAS regulations. When interrogated by radar, the Pathfinder Pro returns 12 intense blips back to the vessels radar screen, greatly enhancing search and rescue efforts. The superior lithium battery provides over 96 hours of operating life in standby mode (waiting to be interrogated by radar) and 12 hours of active operating life (while interrogated by radar).

The Pathfinder Pro comes with a sleek wall mount to keep this compact SART out of the way, yet readily accessible in an emergency. The attached telescopic pole conveniently connects to the bottom of the SART and provides for maximum height and visibility out of a life craft. The SART can also be suspended inside the craft for hands free usage.

A Search and Rescue Transponder (SART) is mandatory for all commercial vessels that must conform to GMDSS, and any vessel carrying more than one life raft.


• Enhances radar returns with 12 intense blips, whereby the first blip represents the SARTs location.

• Unit transmits through the 9.2-9.5 GHz band marine radar when interrogated by radar.

• Vessel mounting bracket and collapsible pole.

• Compact 8.94 x 2.56 Inches (227 mm x 65 mm) unit easily packs into life raft.

• Waterproof to 10 meters (33 ft).

• Non-Hazmat Lithium battery (5-year replacement life) operates for over 96 hours in standby mode plus an additional 12 operational hours.

• Worldwide certifications; complies with IMO, MED, FCC and IEC standards.




The all ACR SR203 GMDSS VHF Handheld Survival Radio meets all the requirements of the IMO for carriage on SOLAS vessels. Built tough for all marine applications and easy to use in an emergency situation, the SR203 is the ideal choice for mandatory and voluntary carriage. The SR203 handheld VHF radio boasts exceptional battery life of over 16 hours.

FCC & MED Approved

The digital display and control buttons are backlit making operation in low light environments simple. Once activated, the SR203 is automatically tuned to Channel 16 and has a single push Channel 16 call button to quickly return to the emergency channel.

The SR203 handheld VHF radio boasts exceptional battery life of over 16 hours (@ -4°F (-20°C)) thanks to its highly efficient transmitter designed to maximize battery life. The innovative battery protection tab means the primary battery can be permanently attached to the radio without fear of losing its charge. The radio will always be available for use in times of emergency without the need to remove protective labels. Simply break off the red protective tab and the radio will be immediately ready to turn on to channel 16.

For everyday use, ACR offers a lithium polymer rechargeable battery option. The quick release rapid charger provides the ideal solution for keeping the batteries fully charged.

• Efficent transmitter
• Rugged design
• Primary Lithium battery exceeds GMDSS requirements
• Protective battery tab
• Non-hazardous batteries
• 16 hours typical operating life
• Optional rechargeable battery kit
• Laser etched control buttons
• High contrast/backlit digital display and keypad
• 21 Channels